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    Дата публикации: 2019-06-09 14:12

      The US didn´t want the chinese to get their hand on the shkval missiles, who could possibly use it against US, and wasnt happy about the russians showing/offering it to the Chinese.

      A day or two after the sinking, George Tenent head of the CIA at the time, arrived in Kreml for talks with the russians. First CIA director ever to visit Kreml apparentely
      And also quite shortly after the Kursk sank Russia got its billion dollar loan of US money extended or written off.

      What do the Thresher and Scorpion have to do with Kursk? If you are insinuating that they were lost and left you are mistaken. Both wreck sites were located and mapped. The cause of Thresher is known and resulted in changes in . fleet operations. The cause of Scorpion is still debated but several plausible reasons are suspected. If you are insinuating that the . doesn 8767 t have the technical knowhow or will to do a recovery, you are also incorrect. Who recovered the sunken Russian Golf II missle boat off of Hawaii? and that was how many years ago?

      noone died becaurse they were slow to act. you can say is was a bad thing to not act faster, but THIS time, it did not kill anyone.

      Now that I am reading the company in charge of raising the Kursk was none other than vice-president Dick Cheney 8767 s HALIBURTON, it all starts to come together and make sense.

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      Wan 8767 t there a damaged french sub, or was it the US sub? It docked nearby for repairs. I think another consp. theory was that a new torpedo technology russia wanted to test. It was a torpedo capable of destroying unsinkable submarines like the kursk. Not sure of further details but it either exploded in the tube or they were testing the missle on the actual kursk.

      really heartning pictures of the wonder what is the other word for bravery of the men who though in deep peril still had courage to write dont be desperate .hats off may hthe heros live forever

      I read through every post looking for any reference to the fact that knowing there time was up the last words were meant to comfort the rest of us.
      Only one person made mention,but to be fair most were trying to get to the truth of how it happened.

      Картинка не без; того а сайта: http:///KURSK/kazouille_6655695777_
      Если вспышка произошёл в середине, ведь во вкусе может взору такая вмятинка? На картинке будто, зачем мятина идёт вглубь, пробоина безукоризненно круглое. Такого возле внутреннем взрыве без труда далеко не может быть.